Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Foster Wheeler ESD III

Finally I have managed to find a proper drawing of ESD III Foster Wheeler front fired Boiler.Thanks Lars Jossefsson.My exposure to Foster Wheeler ESD III Boiler is off roof fired , dual fuel,monowall type.Which is slightly different in location of burner allocation on the roof,while here tangential allocated. With these type of burner arrangement,(tangential or front fired) extra care need to be excercised as the flame length must be controlled by administering the correct air flow,so that the flame length do not exceed until it caused flame impingement on the refractory or even the water wall tubes at the end of the flame.However the roof fired type also have its drawbacks. Due to gravitational effect any unburnt fuel will accumulate at the bottom furnace floor.Duue to high temperature inside the furnace, vaporization of accummulated may occur.Once the atmosphere is rich with fuel vapour and in the Lower Explosive Limit range, explosion may occur.As a precaution, before every ignition of boiler,purging with air is required at least 90 seconds to eliminate risk of explosion.

A.Smoke uptake

A heat exchanger that transfers heat from Boiler Flue Gases to Boiler Feedwater.

C.Steam Outlet
Saturated steam from the Steam Drum to the Superheater

A device inside the drum that is used to prevent water and solids from passing over with the steamoutlet.

E.Stay tube
for superheater

for superheater tubes
G.Superheated steam outlet

A bank of tubes, in the exhaust gas duct after the boiler, used to heat the steam above the saturation temperature.

I.Superheater Headers
Distribution and collecting boxes for the superheater tubes.

J.Water Drum


L.Water wall Header
Distribution box for Water wall and downcomers.


N..Water wall
Tubes welded together to form a wall.

O.Water wall Header
Distribution box for Water wall and downcomers.

P.Back side Water wall

Q.Boiler hood

R.Water wall Header
Collecting box for Water wall and risers.

The water-steam emulsion rises in these tubes toward the steamdrum.

A tube through which water flows downward. These tubes are normally not heated, and the boiler water flows through them to supply the generating tubes.

U.Steam Drum
Separates the steam from the water.

V.Economizer Header
Distribution box for the economizer tubes.

Refference:Lars Jossefsson


  1. dear sir im a mech eng working in a palm oil mill in sabah. recently i went for the 2nd grade steam eng exam n saw a foster wheeler water tube boiler. if im not mistaken its a ESD type boiler. but there r some parts which i cant identify since that was the 1st time i saw foster wheeler boiler. if u don mind can i send u the pics which i took. this is my email add k_kelvan@hotmail.com. it will be a great help if u can identify those parts. regards kalaiselvan. sandakan sabah.

  2. dear kalai....
    by all means please do...I will try to identify them for you....mail it to me amndpe@gmail.com

  3. sir,
    i have emailed the pictures to u. sorry for late reply coz internet connections in this part of malaysia still in primitive level...:) thank u very much for ur kind attention sir.

  4. thanks kalai....Ive replied throuh your mail...hope it s up to your satisfaction...my boiler tech is so rusty...pardon me....

  5. sir,

    can u send the details that u give to kalai??i also need that details for my study before i go to take the examination.if can, please send me the picture instead..

    Thank you

  6. En Azani,

    can you send the details that you send to kalai (with photo)? I need it also. soon I'm going to sit steam engineer examination. here is my email id: kvs1209@hotmail.com. Appreciate your help very much En Azani.